Bob Kaper retires from the Dutch Swing College Band

Supreme clarinet and alto saxophone player Bob Kaper has announced his permanent retirement as musician and leader of the Dutch Swing College Band.

Bob was a member of the Dutch Swing College Band since 1966 and took over the musical leadership in 1990 after Peter Schilperoort passed away. In 1999 Bob (nicknamed ‘ the Dutch Benny Goodman”) was knighted by Queen Beatrix because of his contribution to jazz music.

80 years old Bob Kaper describes his retirement as follows: “After working more than 50 years with musical pleasure, I now want to make less kilometres”.

Initially, Bob was going to announce his retirement on April 27th during the band’s 75-anniversary concert in Rotterdam, but due to the regulations caused by the current Covid-19 Crisis, this concert had to be suspended until October 18th 2020.

The Dutch Swing College Band will continue with a line-up of 6 musicians, as in 1960 when the band caused worldwide furore. The current line up consists of Keesjan Hoogeboom (trumpet), David Lukàcs (clarinet, saxophones), Andy Bruce (trombone), Peter Kanters (guitar, banjo), Adrie Braat (bass) and Anton Burger (drums).

Despite the current crisis the Dutch Swing College Band is enthusiastic about starting recording an exciting new album which will be released by Universal Music Group, hopefully at the end of this year.

Europe's most swinging Jazz Band since 1945

During World War 2, the Nazis banned jazz music in the Netherlands. Several youngsters wanted to preserve this music against all odds. They practised secretly, copied illegal radio broadcasts and were determined to found a school for jazz music when the war was over: the Swing College. On Liberation Day, May 5th 1945, the Orchestra of the Dutch Swing College had its first public performance. Their members gave lectures, organised jazz meetings and started to teach jazz music. The name soon changed into Dutch Swing College Band®. In 1960 the DSCBand (leading the field of traditional jazz in the Netherlands) became professional, won innumerable prizes and still performs successfully worldwide to this day.