Dutch Swing College Band


During World War 2, the Nazis banned jazz music in the Netherlands. Several youngsters wanted to preserve this music against all odds. They practised secretly, copied illegal radio broadcasts and were determined to found a school for jazz music when the war was over: the Swing College. On Liberation Day, May 5th 1945, the Orchestra of the Dutch Swing College had its first public performance. Their members gave lectures, organised jazz meetings and started to teach jazz music. The name soon changed into Dutch Swing College Band. First performances in the United Kingdom, followed by concerts all over Europe with guest soloists Sidney Bechet, Hot Lips Page, Neva Raphaello, Beryl Bryden, Albert Nicholas, Nelson Williams, Bill Coleman, Muggsy Spanier and many others. Winner of the Jazz Competition Brussels 1946.



Performances in New Zealand, Australia, East Africa, South Africa, Rhodesia, Ethiopia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany-tour with Muggsy Spanier. Many return visits to practically all European countries. The Dutch Swing College Band (now fully professional) starts out on its years-long trek around the world with extended concert tours through Europe, South America (3 months), Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Winner of the Edison Award.



European concerts with a.o. Teddy Wilson, Bud Freeman, Billy Butterfield, Joe Venuti, Jimmy Witherspoon, Wild Bill Davison and Trummy Young. Recording with Marine Band of the Royal Netherlands Navy. First appearances in Canada and the USA. Appearances in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Africa, Middle East, USSR, DDR. Winner of the Gouden Notekraker.



Guest artists Peter Appleyard, Harold Ashby, Peanuts Hucko, Benny Bailey, Deborah Carter, Pim Jacobs, Louis van Dijk, Rosenberg Trio, Pia Beck and vocal group Mrs Einstein. Winner of the Dutch Export Award and Bird Award special appreciation, concerts in South Africa, Aruba, New Zealand, Australia, Israel and all European countries.



The Dutch Swing College Band (still leading the field of traditional jazz in Europe) tours all over the globe with concerts in Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Taiwan, Scandinavia, Russia, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Europe, Poland, Finland, Israel, Czech Republic. Double Bill concerts with Chris Barber, Kenny Ball, Acker Bilk and Pasadena Roof Orchestra. Winner of Sgt Pepper’s Jazz Club Award. School concerts in Germany, monthly dance events on ss Rotterdam.